Tuesday, July 25, 2006

to start

I was visiting my sister and she asked if I had a blog, since I read so many of them, and when I said no, she said why not and that I should. Now, I don't always take her advise, but sometimes I do.

A little about me:

My mom died almost a year ago, it sucked. I have some awesome friends, including one who talked to me on my cell the entire drive from my office to my apartment, and then later picked me up to go to another friend's house for dinner and watching of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory, another who brought me chocolate mouse pie, and another who drove me the 4 and half hours to get back to where I grew up. My friends are awesome, I try to tell them this whenever I can.

I bought a house, a town house in a development, with a pool, yay. Oh and central air, for which I am grateful.

I do community theatre, I work a real job too, they each have a habit of driving me insane.

I have a cat, he greatly enjoys the central air and ceiling fans as well.

Hopefully this will be something interesting and at the very least an outlet for me.


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