Wednesday, July 26, 2006

any given wednesday

When I turned on my car to go home last night, the first cord of Green Day's Brain Stew played, I like when that type of thing happens. The bonus being that I like the song.

Had a theatre meeting last night where we were given the blurbs that will go in our next season's brochure. It was pretty obvious that the person who wrote them hadn't read all of the plays. One was just wrong, to the point where a few of us said, wait, that's not what that show's about. And another where half of it was right but the first half wasn't.

Have rehearsal tonight, we're blocking act two, the theatre this play is at is not air conditioned, must remember to change into shorts after work.

The happy thought that will get me through the rest of the week: I'm going to go see Pirate's on Friday with my boyfriend. I get to spend time with him and see a movie, should be a nice night.


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