Monday, July 31, 2006

argh (but in a good way)

Pirate’s was good, definitely worth seeing on the big screen, I suspect the makeup department will get nominated for an Oscar. The third looks to come out Memorial Day weekend of next year, I was hoping Christmas time.

I was trying to figure out when I would mow the lawn this week, it’s not a bad length right now, but a few nice days with sun and rain would make it needed to be mowed. Then I watched the weather forecast, we’re in a heat advisory just about all week, no rain until Thursday afternoon, so I’ll be mowing Friday if my lawn hasn’t completely died my then. And the weather forecaster said we still have more heat waves to come. I’ll be spending some more time by the pool.

Had rehearsal last night. There’s a woman who hasn’t been to rehearsal since read-through, I’ve been reading and walking her part, I have all of her blocking. This was the part I really wanted, and could be doubled with the part I have. I’m trying not to hope she’ll drop the play, but every rehearsal she’s not there makes me want the part that much more. I bet she’ll be there next time.


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