Tuesday, August 01, 2006

from the icebox that is my office

There is a family of birds that live on the roof of my work near the vents for the bathrooms. And on days like today where they are making lots of chirping noises, I check closely to see that they aren’t actually in the bathroom. I like nature, I just prefer it when it stays outside. Which is why when I walked past my dining room last night and saw the cat with his face half under the hutch, I got a little concerned. I bravely looked under the hutch and thankfully only saw a handful of cat toys. I got the yard stick from the kitchen and got the toys out, including his precious shaky mouse, for which he insisted on helping me, to the point where I had to pick him up and move him since he kept getting in front of me.

Ever have at work where someone starts basically dressing you down in front of someone else and then you defend what you did and prove that it was the only way that that piece of the project would work within the constraints of the project, and the person just goes “oh”, and doesn’t bother to apologize? My workplace is usually good, but once in a while I have the strong desire to smack a few people.

It is going to be hot into the night tonight, enough so that I'm not cooking. I haven't had McDonalds in months, I think that might just change tonight.


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