Monday, December 18, 2006

the apple doesn't fall far

I’m a combo of my parents. My mother was the nurturing nurse who was very good on Chemistry and Biology, my dad the logical engineer for whom physics is like breathing. I got both their aptitudes for science and math, and just like my mom for some reason little kids and animals just love me. In a lot of ways I think I’m a bit more like my mom but sometimes I am my father’s daughter. Such as yesterday morning when he called about five of ten to tell be that Sunday Morning was doing a piece on the Roman Aqueducts, and I was able to tell him that I was already watching it. Sunday Morning is one of my Sunday morning memories. We’d get back from church or be on our way –depending on early or late service-and my dad would be watching it. There was one time when our cat Sneakers was still a kitten, and the show ended with a shot of some flocking birds, and the cat went as far as climbing on top of the VCR, which was on a shelf under the TV, to try to get the birds.


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