Monday, November 27, 2006

what i learned over thanksgiving

1-Sometimes my sister and I are the same person, as emphasized my the fact that we picked the same Christmas cards this year

2-Sunday 10:30am is my breaking point for listening to my sister complain about her in-laws. It’s not that I don’t think she has a right to complain about them, because believe me she does; it’s the incessantness of it that drove me crazy.

3-Kitty Cat has been with me for three years, and no matter how many times I have changed my sheets in that time it is still a big game to him. Only one of his shaky mice gets him that wound up.

4-In deciphering recipes in my mother’s hand writing I realized my messy hand writing comes from her. It’s only in the recipes that were written fast that look like my writing.

5-My family can hear me think, I know I do it to them, but I just have to think of asking a question and once there done speaking to whomever they were talking to they ask what my question was. We’re a little freaky that way.

6-My cousin is a skater boy, he skateboards, has the haircut and the last letter in his name is an ‘S’ which he turns around when he writes it. (We put our names on cups at family functions, it’s just easier that way) He’s the same age I was when he was born (14), I changed his diapers and now he’s only an inch shorter than me, and has gone out on his first official date, to the mall of course. I didn’t date until two years later than him, but I did in fact go to the mall.


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