Monday, November 13, 2006

i need a vacation from my weekend

I got up Saturday morning at the time I usually get up for work so I could drive up to Queens. My Grandma’s in the hospital, hopefully for the last time. The hopefully part is for her sake, over the past year she’s gone downhill. And maybe it comes from being the daughter of a nurse but I can tell that Grandma should make it through Thanksgiving, but most likely won’t make it through the end of the year. Anyway grandpa did tell a few stories from the war that I hadn’t heard before. He was on a ship in the South Pacific (, everyone got to do a month of KP duty. When you were on KP you didn’t sleep in your quarters, you slept down there in hammocks. The CO told them that you will fall out of the hammock a couple of times before you got used to it, grandpa said he fell out twice.

I drove home in the afternoon, saw the aftermath of a big accident on one of the bridges, but otherwise was not a bad drive. It’s nice driving when it’s not a holiday. I got home, whipped together a batch of cookies for Sunday’s baby shower and went over to a neighbors house for dinner. My friend's little girl ‘Sweet Pea’ is two and a half and has a repertoire of dances she has created. Of course we showed her off to the people who hadn’t seen them yet. After we went through them, the ones we knew about at least, she said “and the Hula Dance”, we asked what that was and she proceeded to do a little hula dance. We’re pretty sure she got it from Lilo and Stitch.

The baby shower was nice, lots of food, and it managed to be a surprise. Last evening I went to an audition, it went well. I don’t know quite what the director is looking for, if it’s caricatures then it won’t be me, but if she wants more real, then I have a chance.

An update on the flag: no one had one, so I made my own. I got some fabric with leaves on it. It looks nice but because it’s not nylon I don’t know if it’ll make it past this one season. It’s good for now and next year I’ll know to look in September for a Thanksgiving flag.


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