Friday, October 13, 2006


I went shopping after work. I needed birthday presents for two friends, I needed (yes needed) to buy books with the gift card my Dad gave me for my birthday and the bookstore was having a coffee tasting.

To kill some time between the mall and coffee tasting I went to Panera Bread for dinner and saw a good moment of parenting. While waiting in line there was a family in front of me with a baby who looked about eight or none months old a girl who looked and had the verbal skills of a four year old, maybe four and a half. Anyway she ended up having a melt down while in line and her dad turned to her mom and said, “we’re going to go outside for a little while”-which everyone in line who was trying to avoid getting hit my the keys the girl was wildly swing and listening to her shriek was grateful for. He took her outside so she could throw her tantrum outside and not in the confined space of the restaurant and the tantrum went on for long enough that her mom ended up taking her to the car so she wouldn’t disturb everyone outside. I appreciated how the parents handled it, they didn’t scream at her, but they didn’t just let her keep shrieking and almost hitting people. Earlier I had seen a women let her seven year old be extremely rude to her in the Disney store and he ended up throwing a fit that had my sister or I thrown would have entailed us leaving the mall right then and there without buying anything.

The coffee tasting was neat, and I got a piece of chocolate with it. I got lots of books including Where the Wild Things Are. I love that book, and my friends in my neighborhood each have little girls who are just old enough to enjoy that book when they come and visit.

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Going to Six Flags tomorrow, it’s going to be cold, but that’s perfect for freight fest, and it’s what layers are for.


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