Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my weekend and monday

FYI: A bar of soap is not easy to use when you’ve gotten use to using a bath poof.

My sister and brother in law came down for the weekend; he fixed my down stairs bathroom, yay for two functioning bathrooms and yay for him for always being able to fix what ever I've broken since the last time they visited. We went to the big mall and to the closer smaller mall, I got new sneakers, a nice broiling pan (the previous owners took the one that came with the oven) and a dress for going to the theatre and a banquet.

I’m taking an eight week Tap Dance Class, the classes started last night. I had my first tap lessons about three years ago; I got a couple lessons for being in a musical and then took a 6 week session afterwards. I’m taking the class with one of my neighbors so we’re car pooling. The flooring in my upstairs bathroom is getting rather warn looking but there’s not enough room to practice up there. I’ll have to put something down in the kitchen to protect the nice floor.


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