Thursday, October 05, 2006

i don't get columbus day off

There are lots of vanity plates out there and sometimes they’re cute and sometimes I think people have them just for the sake of having them. IB4E is the one I saw the other day that made me think is that really better than a regular plate?

My sister and brother in law are coming down for the weekend. We originally planned on going down to WV to visit sis and my Godparents, but then G-mom’s mom ended up in the hospital (which happens to be the hospital I was born in), so plans change. While we’re disappointed that we can’t go visit this weekend, we have made plans to go to the big mall. Hmm…and maybe I can get them to help me get some summer stuff up into the attic.

Speaking of the attic, I was walking under the pull downstairs when I heard this noise like water hitting metal. It was pouring out, but I have a wooden roof, so not a good sound. I thought for a minute and then decided that yes, I did in fact need to check it out. So I pulled down the stairs, went up and realized it was the rain hitting the exhaust fan at apparently just the right angle to make the noise, but no rain was coming in, thank goodness. The one thing I miss about apartment living is the ability to just call maintenance to fix things.


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