Thursday, September 21, 2006


Somehow the url for the photo changed, maybe with archiving, I changed the link and got Kitty Cat to show back up. I wonder how often I'll have to do that.

Anyway, going to Fright Fest in three weeks, yay. With two weddings and everything else that happened last year I missed it, so hopefully I'll get to go twice this year.

The new color scheme on iTunes is taking a little whoile to get used to, everythings a little more greyscale, so all the checkboxes looked greyed out, as though they weren't checked. I have not found yet if I can change the color scheme, I'd like to change it to purple.

I have an evening to myself, there are two shows I'd like to watch tonight, they are both on at the same time. Seriously, either put CSI or Grey's Anatomy on at 10. I get not wanting to put either earlier, but switch one with their after show. I'm hoping once one of the 10pm shows starts doing badly they'll switch them. shows neither of the 10'oclock shows as in danger, yet.


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