Friday, September 01, 2006

random thoughts as usual

The nice thing about being the first appointment at the dr's is that you get in right away, in fact a few minutes early. Then all my asthma meds are prepackaged, so at the pharmacy it takes them five minutes to fill the order. This was a good start to this weekend. I still had to go into work for a little bit. I will be leaving at noon for my trek north. Ernesto looks like it won't hit this area until after I leave. If it would nicely just veer out into the ocean, that would be nice. Not that we couldn't use some rain here, but 3-6" over the course of a few hours is a little much. Kitty Kat decided he wasn't getting out of bed this morning. He tried to get packed in the suitcase last night, but no such luck, so instead he just watched me as I got ready this morning giving me the guilt looks. There's a reason he has so many toys.


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