Monday, August 28, 2006

thoughts for labor day weekend

As I prepare to drive 4½ hours to my sister's for Labor Day weekend I have some thought for my fellow drivers

*I hear your side of the road/lane is just as nice as mine

*Stop signs are not optional

*No matter how close you get to the back of my car, I refuse to tailgate the police car in front of me

*EZpass has been around long enough that you know what it is, so don't get in the lane if you don't have it

*As the signs say 'Don't Block the Box'

*Pay attention to where you exit is, don't almost kill me because you have to cut across three lanes of traffic

*Don't block the entrance doors at the rest area, and don't suddenly stop walking in the middle of the parking lot, you're going to cause an accident

*Have some common sense, common courtesy and common decency

*Recognize that the police will be out in force, getting pulled over causes traffic slow downs

*Don't make me hurt you

Love, Random Stuff


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