Friday, August 11, 2006

movie night

Last night my boyfriend and I watched two movies, Walk the Line, which is lovely, and only knowing a little bit about Cash and Carter’s lives, it was totally enjoyable. We also watched Syriana, which wasn’t as difficult to follow as I was led to believe, but then again we had the pause and rewind buttons for a couple spots and I put on close captioning, because they whisper a lot in this movie and I was sitting next to someone who when asking a question while watching a movie can’t seem to remember to whisper. What is that, I know so many guys who apparently have the ability in there somewhere but never think to actually use it, seriously I’m trying to hear, if you want to ask a question, pause the movie and ask, I don’t mind, but don’t make it so I have to rewind the movie so I can hear the part you just made me miss, because I’m going to be answering a question about it later. Anyway, at around 11:05 Kitty Cat* comes downstairs, I usually am heading upstairs or am already upstairs at this time and if I’m not he comes down to see what the hold up is, he sighed, flopped on the floor and cleaned himself for the next half hour, and then he gave up on me and went upstairs. The movie was almost over so I didn’t make Kitty Cat wait forever.

Big church BBQ this weekend, should be lots of fun and the weather seems to be cooperating

*His name has been changed to protect his identity, but it’s the same number of syllables


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