Wednesday, August 16, 2006


-I wish the shirtless beer-gut man in my neighborhood wasn't...shirtless that is, he seems like a fine neighbor otherwise.

-I plan on flying in January, I'm hoping that the insanity of recent will drive down ticket prices.

-I grew up near a place that gave helicopteer flying lessons, when they started up each year, it was truely summer, so I never used to give a second thought about them. Now when I hear a helicopter, it usually means there's a major acident on the near-by highway.

-I wonder if we're going to have a winter like we have had our summer, lots of precipitation for the first half and almost none in the second half.

-It's Hallmark's fault I'm thinking about winter, I went in for a birthday card and their ornament display just throws me into Christmas. I only bought one ornament, it's the forth in a series I have, the only ornament series I have actually, and the store was out of the ornament I wanted, so they got it shipped in from another store, but they were out of a few ornaments, it's August.

-To pick up the ornament I had to go back to Hallmark yesterday, yup, such a tough life, and since I was in that shopping plaza I went to the grocery store I used to go to, it was a little over five minutes from my old place, now not quite 15 from the new one, I had forgotten how much more I like it than the one that's most convenient to my current place.

-Kitty Cat used to make sure I was awake as soon as or right before my alarm would go off, he now complains if I don't hit snooze quick enough. I think I like it this way.


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