Thursday, September 07, 2006

random rambles

I totally had a post thought out in my head on the way to work, and then I got stuck behind a school bus and forgot it.

I just did an interview for a community theatre pod-cast and I'll link to it when it comes up. I hope I don't sound like a total dork. Geek would be fine, I'm a theatre geek I admit.

My local Home Depot is awful, they almost never have what I'm looking for, and yet I keep going back. The one closer to work is better, has sales people who don't give blank looks when you ask them questions, guess I know what I'm doing during lunch tomorrow.

Had first Choir of the new season last night, she kicked our buts with singing. We're going to record a Christmas CD this year and we only have two months to rehearse the songs, some we already know, last night we started learning two we don't. Nothing quite like singing Christmas music in September.


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