Tuesday, September 12, 2006

an update on me

Maybe I’ve had a little much caffeine today but I keep trying to double letters in words that don’t need to be doubled, I have spelled the word image wrong several times now, I want to double the ‘m’, not sure why.

I have a flag outside my front door, but apparently that area is a wind tunnel, whenever I look the flag is billowing in the wind even when it doesn’t feel like there’s any wind out. I think I need to put weights in it since it keeps flipping around the pole, and then I have to drag out one of the kitchen chairs and unfurl it.

Part of me knows that I don’t have the time or money to go shopping for some nice new fall clothes, the rest of me wants the pretty. Ole Betsy gets inspected this weekend, I guess it’s going to depend on how much that costs to determine whether I get one new pair of slacks or two and how many new blouses.

I got my hair cut Sunday, chopped about 3” off, maybe just a tad more, I told the stylist a generous three. The next morning I weighed two pounds less on the scale, I’m guessing a pound of that was hair.


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