Friday, October 06, 2006

another plate

I don’t know if it’s that they like lettuce a lot, or if it’s their last name, or if their car reminds them of a big block of ice.

I had to go to our new building for work this morning, which is when I saw the license plate and found out that leaving at 8:05 will put me behind a school bus for a while. Lesson learned.

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I saw a show last night. I had seen it two weeks ago, but there had been substitutions and I didn’t have a great seat, so last night I had a better seat and got to sit next to a friend who hadn’t seen it yet. The leads were great, their acting and singing were all good. We both agreed the set was a problem, there almost was none, and part of the set was held together with black gaffer tape. It was a musical, there should be a great glorious set, or at least a set that’s painted more than just black.


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