Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat

Apparently once I moved and figured out what my best route from work to home was, it was light out on my way home. Well since daylight savings time ended, it’s fairly, but not completely dark on my drive home. I know all this because last night on my way home as I was passing one of the churches I go by, I saw towards the top of the road side face of their building a bright red neon sign that says ‘Jesus Saves’. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed that had I seen it before. There something about it being in neon that bugs me. If it was in stained glass, no problem, but it’s the neon that just seems wrong, especially since I didn’t even see the sign that said which Church it was, I just know from my drive that there’s a church there.

Being Halloween I’m wearing my Halloween socks, though I may also wear my cape for handing out candy. I think for sanity and waist line sake I need to hand out the candy I really like first, sniff, good bye Whoppers and 3 Musketeer bars.


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