Tuesday, December 05, 2006

last taps

Last night was the last tap class for the season, and she worked us good. It’ll be offered again in the spring, probably along with a jazz class. Jazz at 7:30 tap at 8:30, don’t know if I’m crazy enough to do both, but I might be.

Saturday I did a bunch of Christmas shopping, I did online research on some things first and discovered that amazon had the best prices on a bunch of things. So some store shopping some online shopping and I still don’t know what I’m getting my dad. After dropping stuff at home I got my tree. Before going Ipulled out the tree stand and rearranged the living room to fit it, Kitty Cat got very excited and was very happy when I got the tree home. When I left for a show that evening he was laying on the couch staring at the tree. This morning when I left for work he was laying under it.

And I’m slightly twitchy from fixing a project at work. I like working on a project from start to finish. Coming in three quarters of the way through to fix someone else’s mistakes is kind of a pain. I’ve done where we come in just a couple weeks into a project and just restarted it because it was quicker. But this one was so far along that I’ve just made it workable. 13½ work days left until vacation. My brain is tired, it would like to go to the Caribbean, it’s going to have to settle for upstate NY and south east PA.


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