Friday, December 29, 2006

what i did on my christmas vacation

[wrote this yesterday but was updating to blogger new which took forever]

On Saturday I drove up to New York and went to my uncle’s for a family cookie bake, we of course had to taste the broken ones. I also got to see cars for the second time (I didn’t watch it fully this or the two other times it was playing over the week). Sunday I went to another uncle’s house for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. We do a Pollyanna gift exchange and a grab bag Yankee swap, with our own house rules, things can get a little heated. A couple people brought coffee and that was the big hit this year, quite a few years ago when chia pets were new, one of my aunts brought one and chants were started. I got a handheld electronic solitaire game, which I’m happy about. From my secret Santa I got The Green Eggs and Ham cookbook that I wanted and the new Barenaked Ladies CD and an iTunes gift card. Christmas morning my dad came over and I got a digital camera, yay. My sister and brother in law got one of those over the chair back massagers that they wanted. We got other stuff, but those were the things we most excited about getting. That afternoon we went over to my cousin’s house, some of the family was there, we played apples to apples which is a really fun game, and works best when you really know the people you’re playing with. My cousin’s little boy, who is two, loves trains; his Grammy (one of my mom’s sisters) got him a train engineer outfit.
He was most willing to wear the hat for the longest out of the costume.
Kitty Cat was happy I came home.


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