Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I find it kind of funny kind of great that one of the largest frogs ever found was found in a place named Darwin.

I'm also enjoying the car commercial that uses Menah-Menah. There are commercial I ignore, there are ones that make me change the chanel (I'm talking to you cavemen, you were sort of funny the first commercial, and now you just annoy me), and then there are ones like this car commercial that make me stop and sing along. There were those Joe Boxer commercials awhile ago that had the guy dancing, I would stop and watch those. There are just so many bad commercials out there.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Sunday my car was parked next to another car that was a ‘Scion’. I realize I’ve driven a ‘Focus’ and I presently drive a car that isn’t a word, but what car was this one detached from. I don’t think this is a hybrid car, because the grafting thing that scion can mean would totally work for it…I just did a little research, it’s a company not car name, still, for me, the name only works if all you’re selling are hybrids.


There are days that having asthma is no big deal, then there are times like last night where I just couldn’t get a deep breath, even though my inhaler helped, I still wasn’t quite breathing right, because I think I’m heading towards bronchitis, which, with asthma I’m prone to, so, all that to say having asthma is no fun. And I don’t like using my inhaler in front of people, because they always ask the same questions “Are you Okay?” and “Can I do anything?”, which I get that they care, and that’s good, but I have to hold my breath for as long as I can to let the medicine work. So I need a little laminated card that says, “I’m fine, nothing you can do, please don’t make me laugh, and yes, I’m intentionally trying to hold my breath.”


I tried to get a picture of Kitty Cat roaming the house with his new toy in his mouth, purring away. I picked up a few new toy mice (they rattle) for him, and retired a few of the more chewed ones (which I may have originally typed as ‘chewn’ because I grew up near mountain people). Anyway Wednesday night he carried around the pink one and kept walking up to me and rubbing his head against me and then going back to whatever he was doing. Last night he was carrying around and playing with the green mouse. Oh and mister tail fetish chewed the tail off the blue one within five minutes of first getting a hold of it. I’m going to keep trying to get a picture.