Monday, August 28, 2006

thoughts for labor day weekend

As I prepare to drive 4½ hours to my sister's for Labor Day weekend I have some thought for my fellow drivers

*I hear your side of the road/lane is just as nice as mine

*Stop signs are not optional

*No matter how close you get to the back of my car, I refuse to tailgate the police car in front of me

*EZpass has been around long enough that you know what it is, so don't get in the lane if you don't have it

*As the signs say 'Don't Block the Box'

*Pay attention to where you exit is, don't almost kill me because you have to cut across three lanes of traffic

*Don't block the entrance doors at the rest area, and don't suddenly stop walking in the middle of the parking lot, you're going to cause an accident

*Have some common sense, common courtesy and common decency

*Recognize that the police will be out in force, getting pulled over causes traffic slow downs

*Don't make me hurt you

Love, Random Stuff

Monday, August 21, 2006

kitty cat

I'm attempting to make him my icon.

eta: It worked, but I was corrected by a friend, kitty is my avatar, but that doesn't mean he can't become an icon, he is already beloved.


After I killed the keyboard I got to use a clunky old one for the rest of Friday and for this morning. I am now working on my new -yet another spill proof- keyboard. It's ergonomic correct though, and it's throwing off my not great to begin with typing. It's got some cool buttons though.

Kitty Cat is very protective of his yard...from inside the house. Every time I looked for the cat while the neighbor kid was mowing the lawn, Kitty was watching him. I think Kitty Cat wanted to make sure none of the birds were being disturbed. And while I think it's nice that my next door neighbors put out bread for the birds in the area, sometimes the caterwauling my cat does wanting to get out to the birds on a Saturday morning at 6:30 am is a little much.

Friday, August 18, 2006

knew it would happen

I killed my keyboard at work. I'm a klutz, and even though the keyboard was one of those moisture resistent ones, I have spilled enough things around and on it that it finally gave up. It got the 'L' stuck on and that's how it ended. I'm now on a keyboard that feels a lot like a type writter, I really have to press the keys to make them work. I think they gave me a kid proof one. I only use sports bottles to drink water out of now.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


-I wish the shirtless beer-gut man in my neighborhood wasn't...shirtless that is, he seems like a fine neighbor otherwise.

-I plan on flying in January, I'm hoping that the insanity of recent will drive down ticket prices.

-I grew up near a place that gave helicopteer flying lessons, when they started up each year, it was truely summer, so I never used to give a second thought about them. Now when I hear a helicopter, it usually means there's a major acident on the near-by highway.

-I wonder if we're going to have a winter like we have had our summer, lots of precipitation for the first half and almost none in the second half.

-It's Hallmark's fault I'm thinking about winter, I went in for a birthday card and their ornament display just throws me into Christmas. I only bought one ornament, it's the forth in a series I have, the only ornament series I have actually, and the store was out of the ornament I wanted, so they got it shipped in from another store, but they were out of a few ornaments, it's August.

-To pick up the ornament I had to go back to Hallmark yesterday, yup, such a tough life, and since I was in that shopping plaza I went to the grocery store I used to go to, it was a little over five minutes from my old place, now not quite 15 from the new one, I had forgotten how much more I like it than the one that's most convenient to my current place.

-Kitty Cat used to make sure I was awake as soon as or right before my alarm would go off, he now complains if I don't hit snooze quick enough. I think I like it this way.

Monday, August 14, 2006

some random stuff

-I am glad there aren't any clients here right now, because I caught myself rockin' out to the music in my head on my walk to the ladies room

-Yesterday I was weeding the front plant bed and I felt like someone was watching me, I looked up and saw Kitty Cat staring down at me from the living room window, with a scowl, because I went outside without him.

-Last evening I was reading my friend's two year old a book, and after I said The End, she said "I'm still reading", and she proceded to "read" the back cover.

-I presently know two pregnant women, I'm waiting to fin dout who the third is, I rarely know fewer than three pregnant women.

Friday, August 11, 2006

movie night

Last night my boyfriend and I watched two movies, Walk the Line, which is lovely, and only knowing a little bit about Cash and Carter’s lives, it was totally enjoyable. We also watched Syriana, which wasn’t as difficult to follow as I was led to believe, but then again we had the pause and rewind buttons for a couple spots and I put on close captioning, because they whisper a lot in this movie and I was sitting next to someone who when asking a question while watching a movie can’t seem to remember to whisper. What is that, I know so many guys who apparently have the ability in there somewhere but never think to actually use it, seriously I’m trying to hear, if you want to ask a question, pause the movie and ask, I don’t mind, but don’t make it so I have to rewind the movie so I can hear the part you just made me miss, because I’m going to be answering a question about it later. Anyway, at around 11:05 Kitty Cat* comes downstairs, I usually am heading upstairs or am already upstairs at this time and if I’m not he comes down to see what the hold up is, he sighed, flopped on the floor and cleaned himself for the next half hour, and then he gave up on me and went upstairs. The movie was almost over so I didn’t make Kitty Cat wait forever.

Big church BBQ this weekend, should be lots of fun and the weather seems to be cooperating

*His name has been changed to protect his identity, but it’s the same number of syllables

Sunday, August 06, 2006

i went to a funeral and it was okay

Friday was the aniversary of my mom's death. I took the day off of work. I slept in for as long as the cat would let me, about 8:45, got coffee, went shopping, went to a paint your own pottery place-I'd never been to one before, it was fun-went to Panera's and then went home and took a nap. Saturday I went to a funeral. It was for the 82 year-old mother of a friend of mine, she'd been ill, but it's still sad. I did the viewing, the funeral service, and the lunch, but not the internment because I didn't think I could haddle it just yet. This was the first funeral I'd been to since my mom's.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

garlic in the kitchen

I used my garlic press Sunday, but the clove was oversized and I got garlic juice on my fingers, so my hands still smell slightly like garlic. It’s Wednesday, that is some potent stuff. I’ve scrubbed my tub so my hands smelled like Tilex mildew remover for an hour or so, and then the garlic came back. Seriously, bleach doesn’t kill the smell, lemon scented Joy helped, but it’s in my cells I think. I love garlic, but this is even a little much for me.

Savvy got to go up in this:
She described it like this “Rode to the top in this insanely small claustrophobic car that is part train, part elevator, part Ferris wheel. Super scary ride but that thing is so amazing when you see it up close. It is truly breathtaking. The view from the top is incredible and it's just such a cool thing to look at the top when you get down and think ‘I was just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there!’”

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

from the icebox that is my office

There is a family of birds that live on the roof of my work near the vents for the bathrooms. And on days like today where they are making lots of chirping noises, I check closely to see that they aren’t actually in the bathroom. I like nature, I just prefer it when it stays outside. Which is why when I walked past my dining room last night and saw the cat with his face half under the hutch, I got a little concerned. I bravely looked under the hutch and thankfully only saw a handful of cat toys. I got the yard stick from the kitchen and got the toys out, including his precious shaky mouse, for which he insisted on helping me, to the point where I had to pick him up and move him since he kept getting in front of me.

Ever have at work where someone starts basically dressing you down in front of someone else and then you defend what you did and prove that it was the only way that that piece of the project would work within the constraints of the project, and the person just goes “oh”, and doesn’t bother to apologize? My workplace is usually good, but once in a while I have the strong desire to smack a few people.

It is going to be hot into the night tonight, enough so that I'm not cooking. I haven't had McDonalds in months, I think that might just change tonight.