Thursday, August 16, 2007

on a lighter note

I could ask why there are doughnuts in the lobby, or I could just accept the fact and take one. I took a Boston Cream.

Monday, August 06, 2007

another year farther from the memories

It’s been two years. Last year I didn’t want to be around people who knew. This year I went to a Partylite party at my best friend’s place and a barbeque at my neighbors. A couple family members called, but I was out and I didn’t return calls until the next day. Didn’t really feel like talking to anyone about anything like that.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

it's just a ...

I've had a few of those moments this summer where I just want look at someone and say, get a hold of yourself, by making this a bigger deal than it is, you're stressing everyone out. Mostly it's just two people. It's just a baby shower, it's just a play. I want to scream "stop making this about you, this is in no way about you"

First my aunt who said she would help with my sister's baby shower and then tried to take over, and we ended up with way too much food because she somehow decided that all the food that I ordered wasn't going to good enough since it was just platters from the grocery store. The shower went fine, I pretty much only sat down to write down what the presents were. The next day at my cousin's birthday party, my aunt didn't say two words to me and when I was telling her and another of my cousins something, my aunt walked away, my cousin and I just looked at each other.

Second, and more recently, it's an actress in my current play. She's driving everyone crazy. She's complains that other people don't know there lines perfectly, yet she doesn't know hers perfectly. She complains about the set not looking like what she feels it should look like, but we did research and we have things as historically accurate as we can on the limited budget we have. On Tuesday when she started moving things that had been already preset, and we were supposed to start in five minutes and she wasn't ready, I came close to yelling. I just settled for repeatedly saying "you need to go get ready." I'd still have been annoyed if what she was doing would have looked good, but it's just rude to undo a bunch of work that someone else has already done.

Both of these people have had personality changes since I've known them. Other relatives have told my aunt she should talk to someone about her anxieties, but she hasn't. I don't know if anyone has said anything to the actress. I feel like I should say something to her or at least somehow ask what's going on since she just doesn't seem like the person I used to know. It's aggravating dealing with them, and frustrating to feel powerless to help. If they refuse to get help, what can anyone do?