Wednesday, September 27, 2006

i shouldn't have to tell you not to squish my chips

I seem to remember from high school friends who were baggers at grocery stores had a set of guidelines they were given for bagging. Is this skipped now?

And to totally switch topics...

If you’ve ever seen For Love of the Game there’s a scene where Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston are on a date and she says something about being able to only ask three questions on the date. And then there's Craig Kilborn who said he had five questions for a woman on a date that if they could answer correctly there would be second date or something to that extent. Anyway I can think of three that need to be answered correctly:

1: Do you have any fetishes? (The correct answer is no, and maybe I’ve seen one two many CSI’s, but no, no.)

2: Where do you keep your dictionary? (If the answer is you don’t have one, bye. Personally I keep mine under the bed so while I’m reading I can look up a word if I don’t recognize it)

3: Do you like your job? (This lets you know a little more about their psyche, if they seem nice but become this totally other person while talking about their job, how much they hate it but can’t do anything about it and they prefer not to talk about it and become all miserable, bye. If they don’t like their job but are taking steps to resolve that, fine. The answer of “yeah, I get to do such and such, this other thing can be a pain, but most days I like my job”, that’s a very good answer. This can also tell you a bit about how together they have their life)

What would you ask if you could only ask three to five questions to determine if there was a next date?

Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm not sure what I did, but I've had some good luck or good karma the past couple days. Saturday was community day in my town and while there was the threat of rain, it held off. In fact, we had fairly clear skies for the fireworks. Then on Sunday I went to Hallmark and the Grocery store after church, there was a sprinkle on the way but the deluge held off until I was in the grocery store, and had stopped by the time I was ready to leave. Then this morning I had forgotten that one of the roads I take to work was supposed to be closed off today, but it hadn't been yet, so I didn't have to back track.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Somehow the url for the photo changed, maybe with archiving, I changed the link and got Kitty Cat to show back up. I wonder how often I'll have to do that.

Anyway, going to Fright Fest in three weeks, yay. With two weddings and everything else that happened last year I missed it, so hopefully I'll get to go twice this year.

The new color scheme on iTunes is taking a little whoile to get used to, everythings a little more greyscale, so all the checkboxes looked greyed out, as though they weren't checked. I have not found yet if I can change the color scheme, I'd like to change it to purple.

I have an evening to myself, there are two shows I'd like to watch tonight, they are both on at the same time. Seriously, either put CSI or Grey's Anatomy on at 10. I get not wanting to put either earlier, but switch one with their after show. I'm hoping once one of the 10pm shows starts doing badly they'll switch them. shows neither of the 10'oclock shows as in danger, yet.

Monday, September 18, 2006

i went to the theatre

I went and saw a friend in a show, the show itself was great, the audience left something to be desired:

If I don’t know your name, but recognize your comb over from other theatre audiences, it’s time to let it go. If you really don’t want to look bald, get a toupee, the comb over is fooling no one.

If you sit in the front row it is your duty to not fall asleep…during both Acts. If you know you’re a sleeper, go sit where everyone can’t see you.

To the talker behind me: Everyone can see it’s a unit set, it takes place in about twelve locations, sometimes two of them at once, so if they are moving pieces around it’s to give the allusion of the area. I don’t need you to keep count how many times they moved various set pieces, the crew did it quick and efficiently, calm yourself down.

To the talkers in the rest of the audience: It's a small theatre, the stage isn't that far away, everyone can hear you, yes especially the people next to you who keep sending death glares your way, and then talk about you openly during intermission. It was an interesting technique that everyone but the people it was intended for understood.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm on the 9/11 show. Gah. It's interesting to hear the guys in the begining though, one of them is a volunteer fire fighter from Jersey and was one of the many fire fighters who went to NY in the days following. I sound different than I have on other recordings, I don't know if it's that it was at night or it's the podcast recording, if I didn't know that it was me, I wouldn't have guessed that it was me. I ramble, I interupt myself, I'm a dork, but here we go.
Episode 1:16

edit:I'm at a couple points throughout not just the first bit. They didn't use everything we talked about. Including what I think the best tip for being an SM, which is to Remin Calm no matter what's happening. Also I shared some prop stories, which they didn't use.

an update on me

Maybe I’ve had a little much caffeine today but I keep trying to double letters in words that don’t need to be doubled, I have spelled the word image wrong several times now, I want to double the ‘m’, not sure why.

I have a flag outside my front door, but apparently that area is a wind tunnel, whenever I look the flag is billowing in the wind even when it doesn’t feel like there’s any wind out. I think I need to put weights in it since it keeps flipping around the pole, and then I have to drag out one of the kitchen chairs and unfurl it.

Part of me knows that I don’t have the time or money to go shopping for some nice new fall clothes, the rest of me wants the pretty. Ole Betsy gets inspected this weekend, I guess it’s going to depend on how much that costs to determine whether I get one new pair of slacks or two and how many new blouses.

I got my hair cut Sunday, chopped about 3” off, maybe just a tad more, I told the stylist a generous three. The next morning I weighed two pounds less on the scale, I’m guessing a pound of that was hair.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

random rambles

I totally had a post thought out in my head on the way to work, and then I got stuck behind a school bus and forgot it.

I just did an interview for a community theatre pod-cast and I'll link to it when it comes up. I hope I don't sound like a total dork. Geek would be fine, I'm a theatre geek I admit.

My local Home Depot is awful, they almost never have what I'm looking for, and yet I keep going back. The one closer to work is better, has sales people who don't give blank looks when you ask them questions, guess I know what I'm doing during lunch tomorrow.

Had first Choir of the new season last night, she kicked our buts with singing. We're going to record a Christmas CD this year and we only have two months to rehearse the songs, some we already know, last night we started learning two we don't. Nothing quite like singing Christmas music in September.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

rain, rain with a side of rain

We were supposed to have a garage sale on Saturday, but Ernesto decided that wasn't going to happen. It's raining for the first day of school in this area. Someone at work mentioned that the summer seemed to go by fast, we had a cool start, it rained for a month, and then we had a draught for almost a month. I hope we have a really nice Indan Summer. Oh and there's a certain type of bug that keeps finding its way into my house, Kitty Cat keeps trying to catch them, I don't know what type of bug it is, it flies, it's atracted to light, it's gray. I'll keep searching.

edit:I do believe it's of the shield bug/stink bug variety.

Friday, September 01, 2006

random thoughts as usual

The nice thing about being the first appointment at the dr's is that you get in right away, in fact a few minutes early. Then all my asthma meds are prepackaged, so at the pharmacy it takes them five minutes to fill the order. This was a good start to this weekend. I still had to go into work for a little bit. I will be leaving at noon for my trek north. Ernesto looks like it won't hit this area until after I leave. If it would nicely just veer out into the ocean, that would be nice. Not that we couldn't use some rain here, but 3-6" over the course of a few hours is a little much. Kitty Kat decided he wasn't getting out of bed this morning. He tried to get packed in the suitcase last night, but no such luck, so instead he just watched me as I got ready this morning giving me the guilt looks. There's a reason he has so many toys.