Sunday, January 28, 2007

and we're off

I just watched Grease TV, and I kind of feel bad for the two people they brought back. It kind of feels like they just brought them back to get knocked out the first round, and maybe they did, so that the others would get two weeks of letting us see them. Maybe they brought them back because they tested well with test audiences and all the rest who made it are experienced actors, dancers, singers, who have done Broadway tours and/or regional work, and the powers that be wanted to have underdogs. Well the underdogs didn’t do so well. I really liked the first two guys (Derek and Austin) and the final girl (Ballerina Ashley), the first girl wasn’t bad (Allie), she’s only nineteen, but looked a lot older, but that may have been more the makeup department than her.

Friday, January 26, 2007


…the °F my car said it was this morning

…the number of months it took me to realize my grocery store has the hostess display at the end of the aisle by the tampons

…what I taught Sweat Pea last night as the number of fingers she and I each have

…the channel that told me we were supposed to have snow even though we didn’t

...the number of minutes internet was down as I kept trying to check the weather forecast for tomorrow

Monday, January 22, 2007

how to have a slumber party (as a grown up)

1. Have a best friend who needs to get away from things and thinks a slumber party is a good idea.

2. Have a selection of chick flicks and funny movies available

3. Order Pizza

4. Pick up another movie on the way to picking up pizza, because you have a coupon

5. Eat pizza and drink wine coolers while watching the news because there’s snow coming and you need to know how much

6. Make hot chocolate in the Cocomotion, add marshmallows and watch first movie.

7. Start second movie (if the first was sort of a downer make sure this one’s funny)

8. At first bathroom break make ice-cream sundaes

9. Once done with sundaes paint nails

10. Once the second movie is done, do some cleanup and talk about how you’re going to try to stay up and watch some of SNL

11. Actually make it through weekend update

12. Get to sleep in your own bed and put best friend in the guest room

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

my socks don't quite match

They're both dark blue and they're the same style sock, but they're different dye lots. Didn't really care, with boots on no one can tell :)

When I updated to the new non-beta blogger, something happened to my profile, it changed the year I was born to 1756 and made me 250 years old. I'm intruiged why it chose this.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

vacation soon

The cat know I’m about to leave for vacation, and he’s not happy. First he was in the suitcase I was packing, he apparently got tired of me telling him the bra straps were not toys and moved onto laying on the clothes I laid out for the plane ride. (I have to wear something that I won’t die of heat in once I’m in Florida, but something warm enough with a coat that I won’t get hypothermia while waiting for the shuttle from economy parking at the airport) Once he got tired of the clothes he pulled his ultimate guilt trip, he went and hung out in the tub. He mostly does this right before or after I get back from someplace or if I’m on the computer and he’s not getting my undivided attention.

I can print my boarding pass in less than an hour, yay.

Monday, January 08, 2007

the cat isn't making weird noises, that's just the rain

I went to an audition last night, it went very well, it was for V-Day. Anyway towards the end I leaned to one of my friends who was there and asked, is that the heat or is that rain, and she said she was wondering the same thing. It was rain, and I was not parked close to the building.

Three days and counting until Florida. It’s going to be in the upper 70’s to low 80’s, guess I better pack the capri’s.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

happy new years

I've heard about the wonderfulness that is Karaoke Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution but before New Year's Eve I hadn't played them. Love. I helped unlock a new song. Much food but Dance Dance helped and the various long walks I've taken.

For Christmas from one of my friends I received the Cocomotion. It looks like it might be absurd, but it is fabulous. I've used it twice, it makes great hot chocolate and it seriously is the perfect temperature. It's somewhat embarrassing how wonderful it is.