Tuesday, April 01, 2008

i've actually seen a few movies this year

It all started with "Sweeney Todd".
I enjoyed it, and that's the kind of thing we were in the mood for. Nothing like a good bloody movie that takes it motivation from revenge to help a friend deal with a break-up.

Then I went out on a date and saw "Strange Wilderness." I was hoping it would be funnier, it was a fun date movie, not going to win any awards.

Another date was to see "Definetly, Maybe." That was a great movie. Sure I could predict the end by half way through, but it was about how the movie got to the end that I really enjoyed.

Then I went to Florida and saw "Enchanted." It was at a second run movie theater and only cost 2 bucks to get in. THat was fun, even cuter was the 10 year old boy in the theater who at the critical moment of the movie said "well, kiss her already", that just made this movie even sweeter.

This past weekend on a second date, with someone new I saw "Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day", it's a fun movie with a great cast, and has some seriousness to it that isn't advertised, I liked it even better than I thought I would, plus I was there with a guy who fully understands the need for popcorn at the movies.

I also finally saw a few movies on DVD, including Shrek 3, I'm pretty sure I've seen more movies in the theater this year than I did last year. I'm think I'm going to try to keep track of them here.