Friday, December 29, 2006

why i shouldn't watch children's programming

I have the day off today and I was flipping through the TV when I came across the Count on Sesame Street. He has a different voice than when I was little, it was a little disconcerting. When I was little I wanted to be a Grouchketeer, then they added Big Birds little wannabees, but they weren’t nearly as cool as Oscar’s group.

what i did on my christmas vacation

[wrote this yesterday but was updating to blogger new which took forever]

On Saturday I drove up to New York and went to my uncle’s for a family cookie bake, we of course had to taste the broken ones. I also got to see cars for the second time (I didn’t watch it fully this or the two other times it was playing over the week). Sunday I went to another uncle’s house for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. We do a Pollyanna gift exchange and a grab bag Yankee swap, with our own house rules, things can get a little heated. A couple people brought coffee and that was the big hit this year, quite a few years ago when chia pets were new, one of my aunts brought one and chants were started. I got a handheld electronic solitaire game, which I’m happy about. From my secret Santa I got The Green Eggs and Ham cookbook that I wanted and the new Barenaked Ladies CD and an iTunes gift card. Christmas morning my dad came over and I got a digital camera, yay. My sister and brother in law got one of those over the chair back massagers that they wanted. We got other stuff, but those were the things we most excited about getting. That afternoon we went over to my cousin’s house, some of the family was there, we played apples to apples which is a really fun game, and works best when you really know the people you’re playing with. My cousin’s little boy, who is two, loves trains; his Grammy (one of my mom’s sisters) got him a train engineer outfit.
He was most willing to wear the hat for the longest out of the costume.
Kitty Cat was happy I came home.

Monday, December 18, 2006

the apple doesn't fall far

I’m a combo of my parents. My mother was the nurturing nurse who was very good on Chemistry and Biology, my dad the logical engineer for whom physics is like breathing. I got both their aptitudes for science and math, and just like my mom for some reason little kids and animals just love me. In a lot of ways I think I’m a bit more like my mom but sometimes I am my father’s daughter. Such as yesterday morning when he called about five of ten to tell be that Sunday Morning was doing a piece on the Roman Aqueducts, and I was able to tell him that I was already watching it. Sunday Morning is one of my Sunday morning memories. We’d get back from church or be on our way –depending on early or late service-and my dad would be watching it. There was one time when our cat Sneakers was still a kitten, and the show ended with a shot of some flocking birds, and the cat went as far as climbing on top of the VCR, which was on a shelf under the TV, to try to get the birds.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some more randomness

Somewhere in my house are two packages of ornament hooks. They’re the packages I bought the previous two years. Guess what I’m buying on the way home. There’s a role of masking tape somewhere as well.

People at work keep asking me questions while I have my headphones in, when I keep having to ask the same person “What?” you’d think they’d figure it out that they need to get my attention before they start speaking.

There is a new musical coming to Philly called Nerds://A Musical Software Satire
I’m pretty sure I need to go see that.

Monday, December 11, 2006

weekend update

31 days until I leave for Florida, which when I’m there I need to get photo’s of flamingos. Sweet Pea had a flamingo on her shirt Saturday, when I asked, she knew what it was, but when I asked her if she knew where you find flamingos and told her it was Florida she no. I asked her “Then where do you find flamingos?” Her reply: “In the zoo.”

Between caroling and seeing a Christmas show this weekend I drank a lot of hot apple cider. Good stuff. Somewhere I have mulling bags for individual servings. Need to buy some more apple cider, yum.

Friday, December 08, 2006

how many of you are there
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in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

last taps

Last night was the last tap class for the season, and she worked us good. It’ll be offered again in the spring, probably along with a jazz class. Jazz at 7:30 tap at 8:30, don’t know if I’m crazy enough to do both, but I might be.

Saturday I did a bunch of Christmas shopping, I did online research on some things first and discovered that amazon had the best prices on a bunch of things. So some store shopping some online shopping and I still don’t know what I’m getting my dad. After dropping stuff at home I got my tree. Before going Ipulled out the tree stand and rearranged the living room to fit it, Kitty Cat got very excited and was very happy when I got the tree home. When I left for a show that evening he was laying on the couch staring at the tree. This morning when I left for work he was laying under it.

And I’m slightly twitchy from fixing a project at work. I like working on a project from start to finish. Coming in three quarters of the way through to fix someone else’s mistakes is kind of a pain. I’ve done where we come in just a couple weeks into a project and just restarted it because it was quicker. But this one was so far along that I’ve just made it workable. 13½ work days left until vacation. My brain is tired, it would like to go to the Caribbean, it’s going to have to settle for upstate NY and south east PA.